Sunday, August 20, 2006

I was called a "c*nt" last night....

After my shift last night, talking to some co-workers...someone said to me "you need to be yourself and stop being a disgruntled c*nt. everything else will take care of itself."

vulgar? yes. innapropriate? maybe a little. on the money? damn straight...

because, for the last few days, I have been exactly that. i have been in a funk at my job and have forgotten that people come to visit me because they want to have a good time. I am the ringmaster of the circus, putting on a show for the customers. Over the last few weeks I have allowed myself to be dragged into negative conversations and have focused on what others are doing wrong instead of what I can do right.

thanks to my longtime friend and co-worker for pointing this out to me in your own special way.

It ain’t about the money, it ain’t about the time
It ain’t about the love you lost or the things you think you left behind
It ain’t about your losing streak, makes you feel like you’re falling apart
What matters is the heart

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