Friday, January 12, 2007


I know I know...not much sympathy from anyone outside of Florida, but it's chilly this morning. I am quite a site I'm sure. I am wearing a Georgia Bulldogs sock cap..a Rumpleminze® T-shirt, and Kool-Aid sleep pants. I am stylin. Oh yeah!

Fashion goes out the window when I get illustrated by THIS photo! It is from our cold snap in November when it was in the 30's.

Now that's cold no matter where you're from. In November no less! I had to break out the space heaters for my bar customers. Yep...sitting at the bar 121 steps from the beach with an ocean breeze can get a little chilly. :-) That was the last time I had to use them until last night.

So anyway..Happy Friday! If you're beachside this weekend...stop by and see me.



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Ashley said...

Tiki, you're killing me with this entry! Right now, in Ohio, we're actually experiencing a heat wave compared to the weather we've been having. Do you know what the temp is? 12 degrees. This morning when I woke up, it was 0 and I actually thought it was warming up! Most mornings, it's between -5 and -7. So yeah, your 30 degrees, with or without the ocean breeze blowing on you is looking pretty darn good about now. ;o)
Maybe you should come visit Ohio. I'd promptly come visit any part of Florida at any time of the year if only I could get some vacation time at work and had enough money to make it happen. Have you ever seen snow? We only got an inch this week, but last week we had around 4 or 5. *sigh*
I need to think warm thoughts now- all this talking about it has actually made me colder!
~Ashley (Dive Diva)