Sunday, August 05, 2007

Today's Drink Recipe: Suntanned Surfer Girl

But first a little background. Wow back when I first started to be known as "TikiTender", I met PC Rob. Rob was the first person EVER to walk up to me and ask "Aren't you that TikiTender guy?". Turns out I knew his Aunt also, etc...and we hit it off. Admittedly, we don't hang out often..but I am always glad to see him.

So last night at the Golden Lion he busted another cherry of mine. He was the first person to say "I want one of those drinks on your website." He described it and it was the "Suntanned Surfer Girl".

I was thinking two things. One was "How effing cool! People are actually looking at my page!" Second was "Thank God I remember the recipe!". So I made it for him and he says it was yummy, so here is today's drink recipe.

Suntanned Surfer Girl

1 1/2 oz Malibu coconut rum
pineapple juice
splash of Coca-Cola

In an ice-filled higball glass, combine ingredients and slowly stir. The drink whould be a brownish color....jsut like that blonde you were checking out at the beach the other day. :-)

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