Sunday, September 09, 2007

Getting Naked At The Golden Lion! Revised

So my friends John & Sandee came into the Lion tonight. Whenever they take a night out from being parents, they always stop by to see me.

John & Sandee were the founders of the Phlockers of Flagler, a local Parrothead club.

For those that keep up with my drink recipes in my blog or at, Sandee was the inspiration for Sandee's Dirty Snatch. Here is a picture of her enjoying it tonight. It was quite fun when people at the bar were asking what I was making. I always giggle when I get a chance to say "Wanna little taste of Sandee's Dirty Snatch?" only to hear someone say "Sandy's Dirty Snatch is delicious!".

Anywhoo (smile), I was admiring John's new shirt throughout the night. Towards last call he said "I don't own an official Golden Lion shirt. What's your uniform policy?" I didn't quite understand so he said "I wanna trade shirts." So i took of my GL shirt behind the bar and trades him. Woohoo! Sandee was kind enough to take pictures. :-) I am with my brand new Tiki Shirt!!!!!

And a couple of me working the bar in my new threads. I should rally to make this my uniform!

Aloha nui loa!!!!

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