Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blessed At Christmas

A virtual thank you.

For gifts received:

From Sara

Red Stripe Cap
Chicago Cubs Cap
Chicago Cubs Santa Hat
A cool new multi-tool
Boxers (wink)
Groovy Fossil wallet
Jimmy Buffett-Live in Anguilla
"Nothing To Fear But Chuck Himself" T-Shirt
Wrigley Field Sign
"The Office" Calendar
A Fun Photo Calendar from Walgreens
A Custom Made Sign from that says "Home Of The Tikitender"
Kick-Ass Once Cup Coffee Maker
A Flintstones ornament that says "You Rock"
A "movie basket" filled with my favorite movie snacks and The Sandlot 3: Heading Home
Some new Columbia cargo pants
a kick ass stocking filled with goodies
A crazy dog umbrella kinda like this. LOL

From Family

A nice photo ornament & gift card from my Grandpa & Grandma Skoff
Cash from Grandpa & Grandma Nation
Applebee's gift card from my parents
Forrest Gump DVD from my parents
Emmit Otter's Jugband Christmas DVD from my parents. One of my favorite movies to watch with my Mom when I was a little Tiki.
A cool Tiki Bar sign from my Uncle Paul & Aunt Sue
Colts Super Bowl Champions Cap from Sara's parents
New apron from Sara's mom. We love aprons in our house!
Target gift card from Sara's grandparents
The Iowa Baseball Confederacy by WP Kinsella from Sara's parents
A stocking filled with goodies from Sara's parents

From Friends, Customers, & Co-Workers

Jacksonville Jaguars Santa Hat from Jeanette
A groovy & funny winter hat & t-shirt from Emily
Handmade Sandals from Kino's in Key West from Lynne
A fistful of lottery scratchers from Josie
A santa mug filled with goodies from Linda P.
Santa Balls and a yummy smelling candle from Robin C.
A custom Snow Man family plaque from John & Sandee Shaw owners of

Thanks also to the many customers who tipped heavy in the days leading up to Christmas.

Tony & Carolyn for a super fun company party at the Fisherman's Net.

Mondo & Julie for entertaining us at the "after party" at Mother's.

The many cards and greeting received from across the globe.

I am sure there are a few things I missed.

Most of all I am thankful all year long for a loving wife & family, terrific friends, and loyal customers.

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