Friday, March 14, 2008

I love my job....

but there are times when it feels like work. Last night was one of those nights. Not only were we really busy, but I just wasn’t on my game. But...i think it was more of the "we were busy", as attested my the fact that I slept until 11 am! Those that know me, know I don’t sleep alot. work at 12:50 or so (which is really late for my place), home at about 1:45 (have to get a beer c’mon!), fall asleep on the couch until about 4:30, then on to bed. So a record for me...almost an 8 hour night of sleep!!!!

In other news, if you didn’t make it last night, you missed some terrific music from David Lane, Cadmian, My Getaway, and Nathan Mercado.

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