Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My beard is still green. My kilt is hanging by the door...

and I am off until Thursday!!!!

Woohoo! Happy belated st. patty’s to everyone....

i was working but managed just a wee bit of mischief at Mchenry’s after hours...saw lots o’peeps that I haven’t seen for awhile (because I don’t go in there very often), and most everyone was very appreciative of me kilt.

i uploaded just a couple of pics from my night behind the bar to "tiki at work" if you want to see me and my kilt in action.

p.s. i have to say, a kilt is extremely comfy. locals, be prepared, you will probably see me hanging in them more often (well not literally, unless you drop some change or something).

aloha nui loa!!!

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