Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Terrific Day Off!!!

I had such a great Tuesday off!!!! Life is truly good...

  • Daytona Cubs: Went to watch the Daytona Cubs play at 10:30 this morning with Jason. Jason hadn't been to a baseball game in a long long time and he loved it! We bought box seats. Front row, about 10 feet from the on deck circle and about 20 feet from home plate. I knew I had made someone's day when Jason started calling family and friends during the game to tell them how much he enjoyed it. It was field trip day so the place was loaded with grade school kids (including a group from Sara's school), but that only added to the noise and excitement. I also fell temporarily in love with a pony-tailed redhead wearing a mini skirt, wife beater, and a backwards Chicago Cubs cap. "How you doin?" Sadly, the Cubs were not in love with the ball. They committed 4 errors and lost 2-1.
  • Caribbean Jack's: We stopped after the game for a quick round of drinks at Caribbean Jack's, located at the Loggerhead Club & Marina. Tasty drinks at the open air bar overlooking the marina and pooldeck. While there, a semi-regular from the Lion walked in. Small World!
  • Fisherman's Net: After a drive of Scenic A1A, we found ourselves sitting across the bar from John at Fisherman's Net in Flagler Beach. After some tasty cheesburgers, we decided to end that portion of the day.
  • Flagler Beach: When we were pulling into Flagler Beach, the last thing Jason said to me was "I haven't seen Nikki (a bartender from Finnegan's) at the beach in a while. At that moment, she drove up next to us. Crazy! So before he took me home, we walked over to the beach to check out her bikini (well worth the walk by the way). While we were there we saw Julio, the GM of the Golden Lion, with his wife. Small world!!
  • Back home for me: Sara and I arrived home just moments apart from each other and almost instantly fell into naps. We woke up a couple hours later. After violating the 5-minute rule, we set into a pretty good night. I worked a crossword. We watched American Idol & SVU, she chatted online, and I brushed and trimmed Marley's coat. Then I walked Marley a couple of times and did the drink specials for the Golden Lion.
Now that is a day off!!!

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