Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two Good Days Off In A Row

Now this is getting scary ;-)

Mrs. Tiki had a dentist appointment in Daytona today so left work at noon. I am happy I went along!!! Let me jsut say I made a total pig of myself all day long, so if you see me walking to work on Thursday it's not because the Tiki-Mobile broke down!

After the very brief dentist appointment, we commenced to do two of our favorite things: shopping and eating! I wanted to look for some new shoes for work. I wear all black Skecher slip resistant sneaks when I work. I used to wear canvas vans, but once I got used to not sliding around every time I hit the tile I could never go back. Anyway, when I am nearby I always stop in to Shoe Carnival in Daytona, because they occasionally have them on sale. UGH! The ones I like are $65 a pair now. I blame the French. I was a little bummed, because mine are getting worn, but damn that's alot of cash. So, I bought some new insoles for $15 and cleaned up my old shoes when I got home. Sara was looking too, but we decided it just wasn't a good time to by shoes...

We went to Old Navy next, which is always fun. Saw my friend Amanda at the checkout, and ran into Carrie White (of Carrie's Undercurrent). Sweet!!!!

Carrie & me getting our drink on at Mother's; Fall 2006

With Amanda when she was here on Spring Break in 2007

Also got a pair of kick ass jeans and a couple of ringer-tees.

Next we stopped in at Lane Bryant for some under-items for Mrs. Tiki. I love Lane Bryant because, well, I love curvy women and they usually hang out there. It can get a little uncomfy in there though because the only chairs they have sit right in front of the changing room so when the women come out from trying on clothes, there I am just sitting and looking . LOL!!!

Did I mention we went to one of our fave restaurants? Daytona Ale House...yummy!!!!!!

p.s. I have to admit, Sara beat me in a game of nine-ball. boooooooo!!!!!!

We came home, Sara went to the gym. I drank vodka gimlets and we watched American Idol. Farewell Carly, I will miss you!!!!!

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