Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pirate John!

I met a pirate. Not sure how long ago it was (i would have to go to my old bravenet guestbook), but let's just say it was this time last year. I was working behind the tile (hey what can I say, my bar isn't made of wood) and struck up a nice conversation with a couple. Turned out they were both parrotheads and we bonded.

Well last night I was working again as luck would have it and in came Pirate John and his companion, errr...Kathy? (I hope his fair-haired friend will forgive me for being unsure of both their status and her name. Pirate John is a name, much like Tiki, that sticks in a person's head).

The bar was full so they sat at a table and enjoyed some live music. I was able to chat with them very briefly on a bottle run. Sadly, it was busier this time than it was the last time they were here. Gave them a couple breakfast recommendations, etc. Most likely they enjoyed an open air breakfast at Java Joint this morning.

Pirate John is not a real pirate. Real pirates were actually quite unpleasant, not at all like the Disney/ Johnny Depp version. John is, like many of us parrotheads, a good-natured scoundrel. When people tell me I have the devil in my eyes, they mean in a mischievous sort of way not a Charles Manson sort of way (at least I hope so!!!). John is similar to me, as best I can tell. But first impressions rarely lie.

John is a modern adventurer, using an Iron Horse rather than a sailing ship. Lucky for all of us, he keeps records of his trips and publishes them for us to read! At his website he makes available motorcycling travel guides for Northeast Florida and the Florida Keys. You can access his blog, bio, etc at his personal page Pirate John, himself.

Nice to see you John!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Hug a teacher today!

Or give them a candy bar. Or bring them a bag of gourmet coffee. Or give them some cash.

Whatever the gesture, show a teacher some aloha today or sometime soon.

My wife, Mrs. Tiki, and her colleagues spends hours a day with kids (in Sara's case, first graders). Some of the kids are eager to learn, some are eager to cause trouble. ALL are full of energy and VOLUME. For the most part, the teachers maintain a cheery and positive attitude.

I spent two hours as a chaperone on a bowling field trip this morning and I needed a nap! I am wiped out to the point of irritability. I have volunteered for Sara before and I can say to myself after every such occurance "How the eff do they do that every day?!?!?"

So I am say on record Mahalo and Aloha nui loa to all the teachers and former teachers I know.

In related news, The Golden Lion will be having one of it's few times a year "Teacher Appreciation Nights" on June 6 (the last day of school for teachers in this part of the world), with discounts and free hors d'oveurs. So spread the word to teachers you know in the area!

Psst...these nights were my idea a couple of years back.

Landlocked with a tropical soul?

I was checking my web traffic last night and noticed some hits from Just like you probably are now I said to myself "What is snoloha?" I clicked on the link and found this nice blog post by the founder of the company.

Snoloha is a clothing brand mainly for those that have a tropical soul but live in the cold. I say mainly because it is not just for people in cold climates. It is also NOT just a clothing company.

Thanks again to Rob for the mention!

From their website:

"Snoloha is much more than a brand, or a scene of snow falling on an island. Snoloha is a way of life. Snoloha is a reflection of how we live, work, play, vacation, and simply enjoy life Somewhere between the islands and the arctic. So whether you're island hopping in the Caribbean or heli-skiing in Alaska, sitting in a cubicle wishing you were somewhere else, or on a plane headed "anywhere", it is our goal at Snoloha to share these passions and experiences through unique designs and a growing community of individuals who also enjoy this lifestyle."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

News From Meet The Phlockers (Psst....there is something about me in it)

WOW! Almost 4000 Members on Meet The Phlockers!
Quick Links
Featured Phlocker
Tiki Tender

What's New On

Meet The Phlockers!

That's right Phlockers, we are now almost 4000 Phlockers strong! Be sure to log on today to browse all the new members to see who you might recognize!
Did you know that there are 136 Groups on MTP? Groups range from "Fins Up Singles" , with 142 members to the "Parrothead Food & Drink Club" with 280 members! No matter what your interest, you will find a group that feels like home!

The new
Events feature serves as a "calendar" for our members to plan, announce and share all their "tropical-minded" events with their Phriends and other Phlockers on MTP.
Speaking of events, Bill and Trace are planning an awesome Tailgate party at the Jimmy Buffett concert in Atlanta on June 5th at Lakewood Amphitheatre! If you plan to be at the concert you must not miss this party. Trace, Bill, Dj Jeff Allen and The Parrot Island Band will be hosting this throw down! Stop by and meet them! We will have live music, conga, give-aways, and much more.

See ya there!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend!! (is over!!!)

I hope everyone had a great extended weekend. The weather in my area was outstanding, from what I could tell. Of course I worked all weekend, which means I didn’t have as much fun as some. But I also have more fun at my job than many.

I so enjoy what I do, that I rarely complain. Holiday weekends do tend to bring out the worst in people, or at least the nutty in them. Needless to say, I was ready for the weekend to be over. Allow me to correct anyone who would say "But Tiki, it must be worth it because you make such good money." I make less on a typical holiday weekend than any normal weekend. It is difficult to explain, but true.

Even karaoke last night was uneventful. Jason, David, & I (aka The Three Amigos) were all out together and it was a shame that there wasn’t a better mix of people out to enjoy us! It is rare these days for all three of us to be out together, so you missed out Flagler Beach!!!

A couple of things to pass along:
This is a terrific site to watch full feature films and TV episodes. It is a part of the Universal family, so these are top quality videos. Some to look for: Full Episodes of The Office, House, Psych, Heroes, Scrubs, 24, Family Guy, & Arrested Development. An aside, if you haven’t enjoyed Psych or Arrested Development you really are missing some genius television. You can also find episodes of The A-Team, Starsky & Hutch, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Married With Children, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Doogie Howser, WKRP in Cincinatti and more more more.

If it sounds like I am a fan of the site, well duh! After all it was on, that I finally enjoyed The Big Lebowski! Popular movies this month include, Dude, Where’s My Car?, Ice Age, 28 Days Later, Fever Pitch, Undiscovered, The Usual Suspects, Weekend At Bernie’s, and The Jerk!

So go check it out, you won’t be sorry.

David Lane Project:
My friend David Lane (one of the three amigos) is perched on the brink of stardom. Please check him out on myspace at and on the web at Look for him on and

The Chevrolet Legends discs are out and being distributed. David is on the CD with the likes of The B-52s, Trisha Yearwood, Billy Joel, & Sheryl Crow.

Have you ever noticed the little Foxy Tunes signatures in my blogs? Look down...see the "now playing" entries. This blog has taken awhile so there are four. This is a coold web 2.0 feature. You can click on the signatures, and find out all about the songs, artists, watch video etc. Check it out!!!

Okay...have to get my car unlocked today...anyone got skills as a locksmith or thief? I really don’t want to call a locksmith!!!

Now playing on Windows Media Player: Ray Charles - Fever
via FoxyTunes

Now playing on Windows Media Player: Willie Nelson - Help Me Make It Through the Night
via FoxyTunes
Now playing on Windows Media Player: Ziggy Marley - Beach In Hawaii
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Now playing on Windows Media Player: Jack Johnson - Dreams Be Dreams
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Monday, May 26, 2008

David Keith walks into a bar....

... and orders a Ketel One martini, no vermouth. A pretty nice guy, we had a nice (but quick) conversation while I prepared his drink. I told him I enjoyed his recent work in Law & Order: CI and SVU. He paid, sipped his drink, wished me Happy Memorial Day, then returned to the upper deck to rejoin his party. He was visiting friends in the area.

Probably best known as Sid Worley, the suicidal officer-in-training from An Officer and a Gentleman, David has 32 feature film credits starting with The Rose in 1979 and his most recent work, playing the Vice President of The United States in the unfortunate In Her Line Of Fire. In 1988 David, born in Knoxville, TN in 1954, played his childhood idol Elvis Presley in Heartbreak Hotel. TRIVIA: David named his daughter "Presley".

You probably recognize David's face from his television appearances. As I mentioned, the episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent in which he plays a corrupt cop is one of my favorites. He also had a guest role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as a former partner of Eliot Stabler. Fans of CSI: Miami will recognize him as Agent Caldwell from a recent episode.

David's distinctive jaw and All-American good looks are a natural fit for roles as cop, soldier, sailor, detective, etc. He is known for portraying "flawed anti-heroes", such as Sid Worley, the corrupt cop Mark Virgini (Criminal Intent), and even Elvis.

In case you need a refresher, here are a few more notable items in his body of work:

  • The Lords Of Discipline (1979)
  • Firestarter (1984)
  • The Indian In The Cupboard (1995)
  • Men Of Honor (2000)
  • Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Brewers' Gagne placed on 15-day DL

Brewers' Gagne placed on 15-day DL

My MLB look-alike i son the DL! Bummer!!!

UDISCOVERME.COM Your source for the best and brightest up and coming musicians!

Hey guys do me a favor and stop by this site. Give a listen to a couple of the artists and vote for the ones you like. This is a fledgling, but nonetheless legitimate site that I am involved with. Top vote getter during this vote period will receive a $100 cash prize.

Musicians: Contact me to get your listing included!!

Mahalo Nui Loa!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

10 Commandments for Drinking Like A Man

with thanks to

Guys, I hate to say it…but a lot of you are letting me down. More importantly, you’re letting yourselves and your gender down. Every time I go out to a bar and I see a guy with a purple or pink shot in their hand, a small part of Burt Reynolds’s mustache dies. When I venture out to a restaurant and I see a man with a martini that is any other color than clear, I am forced to say a small weeping prayer for the future of mankind. Now I don’t mean to turn this into a post strictly directed at guys, because ladies…this is of the utmost importance to you too. What a person drinks says quite a bit about who they are, and if the man at your side prefers drinks with umbrellas over ones with whiskey, well…you’ve got some serious decisions to make. So without further ado, I present:

1. Thou Shalt Learn to Enjoy Whisk(e)y - Bourbon, Scotch, Irish, Tennessee whiskey and every other form of the drink shall heretofore be your best buddy. You can start by mixing with soda at first to ween yourself into it if you need to (Jim Beam and Coke is a perfectly acceptable manly drink), but at some point you’re going to have to learn to drink the stuff on its own. It’s a complex, mysterious and brooding spirit, which are not coincidentally three things you as a man should also strive to be. This commandment is the most important, and the hardest to get through, which is why it’s first. If you can master the ways of Daniels, Walker, Dickel, Jameson and Glenlivet…the rest of this should be cake.

If she can do it, so can you, you big lady

2. There is No Such Thing as a “Chocolate Martini” - This has been said elsewhere many a time before, but it bears repeating. The only things that should be in a martini are gin (or a quality vodka), vermouth, and garnish like an olive or onion. Anything else, and you’ve made a grave mistake punishable by a lifetime of Grey’s Anatomy reruns.

3. Thou Shalt Not Drink a Frozen Drink - The ONLY exception to this is if you’re at the beach or on a cruise. Otherwise, stick to hunks of ice or chilled mugs to cool your drink. Alcohol is not meant to be drunk in smoothie form.

4. Thou Shalt Not Consume Drinks With Idiotic Gimmicky Names Meant to Cover Up How Girly They Are - So help me God, if I see any of you jackasses out there with a Sex on the Beach or a Screw Me Blue in your hands, I’ll slap it to the ground and eat your worthless soul so fast you’ll truly come to appreciate the phrase “life flashed before my eyes” like never before. You’re not fooling anyone. Just because peach schnapps has some alcohol in it does not qualify it as an alcoholic beverage. It has its place in the great wide world of booze, but mixed up with 18 other fruit-flavored alcohols and garnished with a paper umbrella and stupid name ain’t it.

5. Thou Shalt Learn to Appreciate All Forms of Beer - If Natty Light, Keystone and Coors are your idea of what beer is and is meant to be, you’re living your drinking-life like that of a child in sub-Saharan Africa. Bring that inner impoverished child into the “civilized” world and open your dry crusty wind-chapped eyes to the world of ambers, stouts, saisons, hefeweissens and the multitude of heavenly hops-angels just waiting to surround you and give you a glimpse of the Promised Land. While you’re still getting over your silly stigma that Guinness is a “heavy” beer and cringing at the thought of a slice of lemon in your Hoegaarden, the rest of us will be happily melting our brains away into oblivion. With the superhot hops-angels, of course.

Get used to it, Jack

6. No Worthwhile Woman Will Ever Be Impressed With How Much You Can Drink - Being able to funnel six beers at once or taking down an entire fifth of rum in one night may impress the shit out of your buddies, but no quality woman on earth will give a damn about how much you can drink. For that matter it’s really not worth even trying, as trying and failing will produce far more disgusting consequences than you ever bargained on. Let it be known: while some refer to alcohol as “Liquid Panty Remover”, puke is far better known as “Liquid Loneliness”.

7. It’s More Than Okay to Drink Wine - Knowing the name of a few good Cabernets and Pinot Noirs is a highly valuable thing. Inevitably in your life you’ll need to go to expensive restaurants for anniversaries, birthdays, and pet funerals… and knowing what’s good vs. what tastes like grape-flavored vinegar not only makes you look smart and sophisticated, but saves you from drinking grapes that taste like they were fermented in horseshit. Become familiar with the ins-and-outs of a few wines, and the impression you’ll make will be well worth it. Being labeled as “cultured” is never a bad thing…being labeled as “ignorant” always is.

8. It’s Worth it to Learn the Rules and Traditions of the Drinking World Before You Go Out Into the Wild (and Make an Ass Out of Yourself) - Pro Tip: When drinking one of the aforementioned obligatory wines at one of the aforementioned stuffy and overpriced restaurants, do not sniff the cork. Check it for mold or odd discoloration, and then put it down…but do not sniff it like a damned country bumpkin. Pro Tip 2: Do not make a big show of popping the cork off a bottle of champagne. Hold a cloth or towel over the cork and catch it before it shoots into the ceiling. It’s the grown-up thing to do. There are a thousand small rules like these (or maybe “customs” is a better word?) surrounding the booze-life that knowing can be the difference between you looking like a showboating know-nothing jackass, or a refined gentleman of great taste and culture. The two mentioned here are a start, but take the time to learn what separates grown men from the forever-frat-boys and you’ll be more than a few steps ahead.

Welcome to Assholeville, population: YOU

9. The Way You Treat Bartenders and Waitstaff Says More About You Than You Know - I don’t mean to get all Jesus-y on you guys, but as the Good Book says, “That which you have done unto the least of these, you have done unto me.” And I can tell you, that’s exactly how a woman or prospective business associate will see it. Snapping, clapping, yelling, whistling or just general rudeness to someone waiting on you are a sure sign to anyone in your company that if they spend enough time around you, you’ll eventually treat them with the same selfish nonchalance and disdain that you treat those who are paid to be nice to you. And for crying out loud, TIP WELL. You have no idea how far this can take you.

10. Any Free Drink is a Good Drink - I know, this seemingly negates some of the previous rules, but hear me out. Not even mentioning the many economical reasons that you should never ever in your life turn down a free drink when offered to you (which essentially boil down to: YOU’RE NOT BUYING IT AND IT’S NOT POISON, SO WHO CARES!?!), it’s just plain RUDE to turn down a shot or drink purchased by someone else for you (unless it is, in fact, poison). They’ve not only put down their hard-earned dollar to buy you a taste of the good life, but they’ve also taken the social gamble of saying “Hey, this is a person who deserves a drink for saving babies/stopping (evil) moving trains/kicking my ass in Guitar Hero, and by golly…I’m going to buy them a beverage in public to show the world how noteworthy their accomplishment is!” That’s quite simply a proposition you can’t say no to. If you do, you’re a dick.

Much like the Bible, there are many more minor rules to the world of drinking, but these are the Big 10, the ones that in a general sense should guide you throughout your journey through this magical world of booze and keep you from temptation and harm. It’s a cold and frightening world out there, but by following these simple rules you definitely have a better chance of emerging unscathed.

Why I Love Sunday Night Vinyl...

I always look forward to Sunday Night Vinyl when I am off. Here is a list of songs from about the last 60 minutes:

Boys Don't Cry by The Cure
So Lonely by The Police
I'm A Lighthouse by Wild Swans
Don't Drop The Baby by Judybats
Dear God by Midge Ure
Pet Sematary by The Ramones
Bad Days by The Charlatans UK
Walking Away by Information Society

So I have a little free time tonight, sue me!

Five Fruits That Will Energize Your Body and Spirit

Five Fruits That Will Energize Your Body and Spirit

A Day In The Life

I am a fan of lists. While looking over one of hundreds of "Top 100 Rock Songs", I noted that A Day In The Life by The Beatles was in the top 5. I was a late bloomer when it came to the Beatles. Until about age 30, I always considered myself a bigger fan of other British Invasion musicians such as Them, The Byrds, and The Stones. That being said, I don't instantly recognize Beatles' tunes by name.

I have to say....this list might have it's flaws (and of course many Beatles songs) but what a great choice for the Beatles top entry. I am still a little surprised that Hey Jude wasn't higher on the list.

Watch this video of A Day In The Life if you please:

Here is the entire list if you are interested:

Don’t Call it a Comeback | MindFeck

Check out this terrific blog by Stephanie Holmes

Don’t Call it a Comeback | MindFeck

When you know it's getting hot out....

This is not a drill...

votes will be counted starting tonight at midnight!!!!

if you have already submitted your info, getting votes is as easy as going to your profile at www. udiscoverme. com and using the "share" button to blog, bulletin, etc on myspace, to post to facebook, emial etc.

Your fans can also share your page to others.

It is up to you to generate votes!!!!

It is never too late to add yourself to the competition!!!


~~www. udiscoverme. com

Friday, May 16, 2008

This Weekend At The Golden Lion!

Full Moon Party This Weekend!
Come on out Saturday night for a luau style Full Moon Party with live music from Deron Baker, great drink specials, and terrific view of the soon to be full moon.

Help one of ours make it big:
The Golden Lion's own David Lane will be recording a "live concert" video at the Golden Lion on Monday night. David will be going to Paris in the fall as part of the Chevrolet Legends tour and needs to submit a live video first. He will be playing for a couple of hours on Monday night and at approximately 7pm will record a live version of "Down in Dixie". Please come out to show your support and be part of the video. For more about David, visit

Speaking of future stars: Take a look at for a look at some up and coming talent. It is a fledgling site offering exposure and the chance at cash prizes for new musicians. Know someone who could win? Send them on to the site!

From the kitchen this weekend:

  • Thai Chili Panko Shrimp
  • Stilton Blue Beef Saute
  • Fire Charred Mahi Mahi
On the stage this weekend:

Fri May 16 6pm-10pm Rattleshake Duo

Sat May 17 6:30pm-9:30pm Deron Baker
Acoustic Rock from Bob Marley to Jason Mraz

Sun May 18 1pm-5pm Better Half
Classic Rock Duo from Colorado

Sun May 18 5:30pm-9:30pm Nathan Perer
Acoustic Rock

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up! Kick off your summer at the Golden Lion with live music all weekend long!

Visit for the full entertainment lineup.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Little Bit About Frieda Zamba

Locals, every wonder who Frieda Zamba is and why she has a pool named after her in Palm Coast? Non-locals, learn a little about Flagler Beach lore and a little bit about breaking barriers in sports.

Largest Encyclopedia of Surfing

Largest Encyclopedia of Surfing

Largest Encyclopedia of Surfing

Part of surfing's appeal hinges on the power of the unknown; the idea that some mysterious no-name is out there ripping harder than any world champion. It's an intriguing theory that assumes the young apprentice simply has no opportunity or desire to rule. But what if, on impulse, an innocent pulls the sword from the stone? And what if someday she wants to put it back?

Such is the tale of Frieda Zamba...

Frieda Zamba (October 24, 1965-) - Surfing A to Z -

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

So you wanna know what's going on with me?

I always fall behind on the weekends!

Be it communications with friends, housework, or web-work...for some reason I always wake up on Monday morning feeling as if I was totally non-productive all weekend long. Is it because I am more tired from work? Because Mrs. Tiki is around and I would rather chill with her? One can never tell.

Current Projects:
New Drink Menu for the Golden Lion

Revising the drink menu with Julio, including expanded mojitos section, a new non-alcoholic section, a shooters section. Fun work, but I need a secretary to enter in all the ingredients!
A global site for today’s new musicians! I am the technical side of this fledgling web venture. Musicians submit a profile, get their fans to vote for them, and win cash. Sound good to you? Contact me to get your band listed, or forward it on to your friends who are musicians!
White Eagle Tavern Website
I was recently commissioned to build a new website for this watering hole in Korona. FL.
Trying to keep my content current and viable so I keep getting new and return visitors. I really need to get some new recipes up!
TikiTender "Cookbook":
I was recently approached concerning the publish and selling a recipe book on a third party site. This could be huge!
Keeping the Golden Lion’s website current and new. This website is my baby, and it always makes me sad to neglect it for new projects.
I am always trying to help out my buddy David Lane further his music career.

In other news, we bought tickets for our Kitty Hawk trip last night. We are flying into Newport News, VA, then driving down to Kitty Hawk, NC for a family trip. The tiki in-laws will all be staying there on the outer banks for a week. We will be flying out on a Monday and returning on a Friday. Should be good times!

It has been almost two years since we adopted Marley, and I can’t even imagine what life at the Tiki house was like before she joined us.

My fitness: I have noticed that I have achier than normal at the end of my shifts. Mrs. Tiki has notticed that my belly is slightly bigger than it was last winter. It is beach season. For those three reasons, I have to get back on a fitness & diet routine. I need to strenghthen my core to prevent injuries and increase TIPS (wink). For those that don’t know, I weighed jsut a donut under 300 pounds when Sara & I were married almost 6 years ago. Just about 2 years later, I was about 210. I looked and felt great. At most, i regained abot 10 pounds (depending on the time of year). My job is active enough that I really have no trouble maintaining my weight. nutrition has been horrendous lately...and I haven’t even looked at a set of weights since before Christmas. The result is I feel more drained...get cranky with customers, friends & family, etc. So....don’t be surprised to see me walking the bridge and eating yogurt at work starting today.

Just for fun and without being too revealing, here are two pictures of me and Cousin Jeff. One on my wedding day...and one on his. See any difference?

June 2002

October 2004

So here I am, sipping coffee and eating oatmeal. Watching news about wildfires in Florida and killer tornadoes in the Midwest, counting my blessings. Thanks for reading...

Friday, May 09, 2008

that night was a blur!

busy as a one-armed paper hanger tonight! thanks go out to Flagler County Realtor Association for a good night of business! special thanks to abby for bailing us out behind the bar tonight!

I am just getting home after blowing of some steam and can't wait to get some rest!!!


Thursday, May 08, 2008

World Cocktail Week!

World Cocktail Week was established Museum of the American Cocktail, to celebrate the rich history of the cocktail and recognize the craftsmanship and skill of the bartenders who have been mixing them for over 200 years. It starts today, May 8th and culminates on World Cocktail Day, Tuesday, May 13th.

The Museum of the American Cocktail™ is a nonprofit organization founded by a group of cocktail historians and spirits experts, and dedicated to providing education in mixology and preserving the rich history of the American cocktail. Through its exhibit, educational seminars, and publishing program, the Museum advances the profession of mixology while stressing the importance of responsible drinking.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I survived Cinco de Mayo!

Zeus had his own margarita!

It is now Seis de Mayo, and I am a little beat up. It was rocking busy last night. David was on his game, so the the night was pretty smooth. Made some good cash and enough margaritas to feed an army of parrotheads. It was too busy for me to get many photos, but here are a few of the Fisherman's Net crew from just before the limes hit the fan.

Carrie Jane, me, & Kris. I always have time
to pose for a photo.

Ed, Julio, & Anthony

Marisa & Kris

Monday, May 05, 2008

Dan Haggerty walks into a bar....

and orders a shot of Don Julio tequila. Who is Dan Haggerty, you might be asking. Dan Haggerty played Grizzly Adams in The Life And Times of Grizzly Adams.

Well, I was pretty excited anyway. He was a really nice dude, who even gave me an autograph.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hmm...we can't afford to drive our SUVs anymore..why bother with mass-transit?

Because we in Florida must enjoy sucking every last resource from the ground, while sitting in traffic on I-4.

Analysis: Why -- and how -- the ball on Central Florida's commuter-rail project was dropped --

Parents eager for camp spots | | FLORIDA TODAY

Parents eager for camp spots | | FLORIDA TODAY

In other news, some parents plan to actually spend time with their kids this summer....

Today's Dose of Ya Think? mean SUVs don't get good gas mileage? I have been saying this for 10 years now. Saying how short our memories are. No one seems to remember that in the early 70's every car was the size of a large sailboat. After oil prices doubled in '72-'73, it took a couple of years but we started producing and consuming smaller vehicles and (GASP!), conserving gas. I Many of my customers have been bored with the story of my parents' 1980 1/2 (it cam out mid year) Nissan Sentra. The first Nissan Sentra offered, it got close to 50 mpg in 1980!!!! in 28 years, we have advanced as a country how much? NEGATIVE 25 mpg (assuming an avg of 20 mpg on most vehicles, which is probably hight). Way to go America. We're all idiots!

Soaring Gas Prices Could Mean Less Large Vehicles - Central Florida News 13

WINTER PARK -- Used car dealerships have been talking to more and more drivers looking to trade in gas-guzzling vehicles such as SUVs for cars with better gas mileage, but many of those drivers found their large cars may not be worth as much as they thought...

Friday, May 02, 2008

It's not too late to join us for the Daytona Cubs tonight!

I am off on a Friday and we are going to Jackie Robinson ballpark!!!! Right now we have 7 going...come on out and join us!!!! Game time is 7:05.

Sara and i will be there between 6-6:30! $7 for bleacher seats!

503-LOIS if you wanna holla!!!!!!!

• I-95 to International Speedway Blvd. exit (Route 92)
• East to Beach Street
• South to Orange Ave.
• East to ballpark


• A1A North/South to Orange Ave., west to ballpark.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Seriously, who has a hot-tub?

I need a hot tub or a massage pronto! My seven day stretch has revealed to me that my limit is 6.5 straight shifts. LOL I swear it was the last four hours that did me in!!!!

On the plus side I am off Today and Friday, plus I work day shift on Saturday. That will be weird for me AND bar guests!!!!!

Tiki Bobblehead!

Look what PC Rob sent me! Rob is forever immortalized as the first person EVER to say to me "Aren't you that TikiTender guy from MySpace?" He is a loyal blog reader and also the first person to come up to my bar and order a drink from my drink recipes page way back when I first posted it. Ladies, he's single...

Thanks Rob!