Friday, May 30, 2008

Hug a teacher today!

Or give them a candy bar. Or bring them a bag of gourmet coffee. Or give them some cash.

Whatever the gesture, show a teacher some aloha today or sometime soon.

My wife, Mrs. Tiki, and her colleagues spends hours a day with kids (in Sara's case, first graders). Some of the kids are eager to learn, some are eager to cause trouble. ALL are full of energy and VOLUME. For the most part, the teachers maintain a cheery and positive attitude.

I spent two hours as a chaperone on a bowling field trip this morning and I needed a nap! I am wiped out to the point of irritability. I have volunteered for Sara before and I can say to myself after every such occurance "How the eff do they do that every day?!?!?"

So I am say on record Mahalo and Aloha nui loa to all the teachers and former teachers I know.

In related news, The Golden Lion will be having one of it's few times a year "Teacher Appreciation Nights" on June 6 (the last day of school for teachers in this part of the world), with discounts and free hors d'oveurs. So spread the word to teachers you know in the area!

Psst...these nights were my idea a couple of years back.

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