Friday, May 30, 2008

Landlocked with a tropical soul?

I was checking my web traffic last night and noticed some hits from Just like you probably are now I said to myself "What is snoloha?" I clicked on the link and found this nice blog post by the founder of the company.

Snoloha is a clothing brand mainly for those that have a tropical soul but live in the cold. I say mainly because it is not just for people in cold climates. It is also NOT just a clothing company.

Thanks again to Rob for the mention!

From their website:

"Snoloha is much more than a brand, or a scene of snow falling on an island. Snoloha is a way of life. Snoloha is a reflection of how we live, work, play, vacation, and simply enjoy life Somewhere between the islands and the arctic. So whether you're island hopping in the Caribbean or heli-skiing in Alaska, sitting in a cubicle wishing you were somewhere else, or on a plane headed "anywhere", it is our goal at Snoloha to share these passions and experiences through unique designs and a growing community of individuals who also enjoy this lifestyle."

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