Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pirate John!

I met a pirate. Not sure how long ago it was (i would have to go to my old bravenet guestbook), but let's just say it was this time last year. I was working behind the tile (hey what can I say, my bar isn't made of wood) and struck up a nice conversation with a couple. Turned out they were both parrotheads and we bonded.

Well last night I was working again as luck would have it and in came Pirate John and his companion, errr...Kathy? (I hope his fair-haired friend will forgive me for being unsure of both their status and her name. Pirate John is a name, much like Tiki, that sticks in a person's head).

The bar was full so they sat at a table and enjoyed some live music. I was able to chat with them very briefly on a bottle run. Sadly, it was busier this time than it was the last time they were here. Gave them a couple breakfast recommendations, etc. Most likely they enjoyed an open air breakfast at Java Joint this morning.

Pirate John is not a real pirate. Real pirates were actually quite unpleasant, not at all like the Disney/ Johnny Depp version. John is, like many of us parrotheads, a good-natured scoundrel. When people tell me I have the devil in my eyes, they mean in a mischievous sort of way not a Charles Manson sort of way (at least I hope so!!!). John is similar to me, as best I can tell. But first impressions rarely lie.

John is a modern adventurer, using an Iron Horse rather than a sailing ship. Lucky for all of us, he keeps records of his trips and publishes them for us to read! At his website he makes available motorcycling travel guides for Northeast Florida and the Florida Keys. You can access his blog, bio, etc at his personal page Pirate John, himself.

Nice to see you John!

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PyrateJohn said...

Thanks Mark! And good to see you again, too. Flagler Beach, the Golden Lion, good music and cold Stella on draft is hard to beat!

Incidentally, the lady is the long-suffering (because she puts up with me) Ms. Deborah. As mentioned in a few things that I have written about, such as my Keys Guide ( wherein she is getting attacked by a giant lobster.

Poor lady ;)

Keep up the good work!