Monday, May 12, 2008

So you wanna know what's going on with me?

I always fall behind on the weekends!

Be it communications with friends, housework, or web-work...for some reason I always wake up on Monday morning feeling as if I was totally non-productive all weekend long. Is it because I am more tired from work? Because Mrs. Tiki is around and I would rather chill with her? One can never tell.

Current Projects:
New Drink Menu for the Golden Lion

Revising the drink menu with Julio, including expanded mojitos section, a new non-alcoholic section, a shooters section. Fun work, but I need a secretary to enter in all the ingredients!
A global site for today’s new musicians! I am the technical side of this fledgling web venture. Musicians submit a profile, get their fans to vote for them, and win cash. Sound good to you? Contact me to get your band listed, or forward it on to your friends who are musicians!
White Eagle Tavern Website
I was recently commissioned to build a new website for this watering hole in Korona. FL.
Trying to keep my content current and viable so I keep getting new and return visitors. I really need to get some new recipes up!
TikiTender "Cookbook":
I was recently approached concerning the publish and selling a recipe book on a third party site. This could be huge!
Keeping the Golden Lion’s website current and new. This website is my baby, and it always makes me sad to neglect it for new projects.
I am always trying to help out my buddy David Lane further his music career.

In other news, we bought tickets for our Kitty Hawk trip last night. We are flying into Newport News, VA, then driving down to Kitty Hawk, NC for a family trip. The tiki in-laws will all be staying there on the outer banks for a week. We will be flying out on a Monday and returning on a Friday. Should be good times!

It has been almost two years since we adopted Marley, and I can’t even imagine what life at the Tiki house was like before she joined us.

My fitness: I have noticed that I have achier than normal at the end of my shifts. Mrs. Tiki has notticed that my belly is slightly bigger than it was last winter. It is beach season. For those three reasons, I have to get back on a fitness & diet routine. I need to strenghthen my core to prevent injuries and increase TIPS (wink). For those that don’t know, I weighed jsut a donut under 300 pounds when Sara & I were married almost 6 years ago. Just about 2 years later, I was about 210. I looked and felt great. At most, i regained abot 10 pounds (depending on the time of year). My job is active enough that I really have no trouble maintaining my weight. nutrition has been horrendous lately...and I haven’t even looked at a set of weights since before Christmas. The result is I feel more drained...get cranky with customers, friends & family, etc. So....don’t be surprised to see me walking the bridge and eating yogurt at work starting today.

Just for fun and without being too revealing, here are two pictures of me and Cousin Jeff. One on my wedding day...and one on his. See any difference?

June 2002

October 2004

So here I am, sipping coffee and eating oatmeal. Watching news about wildfires in Florida and killer tornadoes in the Midwest, counting my blessings. Thanks for reading...


Lexi Savage said...

Holy shit, big difference! Don't go back to that!

Anonymous said...

yes! big difference!!! youre so adorable!! 2 years ago was a good year!! HAHAHAHA *wink*

Anonymous said...

wow...what a big difference...i would of never known....