Sunday, May 04, 2008

Today's Dose of Ya Think? mean SUVs don't get good gas mileage? I have been saying this for 10 years now. Saying how short our memories are. No one seems to remember that in the early 70's every car was the size of a large sailboat. After oil prices doubled in '72-'73, it took a couple of years but we started producing and consuming smaller vehicles and (GASP!), conserving gas. I Many of my customers have been bored with the story of my parents' 1980 1/2 (it cam out mid year) Nissan Sentra. The first Nissan Sentra offered, it got close to 50 mpg in 1980!!!! in 28 years, we have advanced as a country how much? NEGATIVE 25 mpg (assuming an avg of 20 mpg on most vehicles, which is probably hight). Way to go America. We're all idiots!

Soaring Gas Prices Could Mean Less Large Vehicles - Central Florida News 13

WINTER PARK -- Used car dealerships have been talking to more and more drivers looking to trade in gas-guzzling vehicles such as SUVs for cars with better gas mileage, but many of those drivers found their large cars may not be worth as much as they thought...

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