Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Redrum! Redrum!

No, I am not talking about "The Shining", but a tip of the hat to those who get the reference. I am talking about an actual rum. Redrum is a Virgin Islands rum infused with hints of coconut and mango. Now and then, when I find myself near a liquor store, I will spend $20-$25 on a bottle of liquor I have never tried. Redrum is a rum I have heard about, because it is made by the the same company that makes Voodoo Tiki rum ( a spiced rum), but I had never tried it.

Retailing at under $20, Redrum is a tasty rum. I tried it first with a couple of cubes of ice. I then tried it with some Rose's cranberry infusion, which was really yummy. The coconut is not overbearing (which is why I don't especially like Malibu) and it is fill strength rum (70 proof). *Hey Malibu drinkers...you do know you are paying call price for a weak rum right?* I really like the label stating" "100% Virgin Islands rum infused with natural flavors of mango, pineapple, coconut & berries. Mix with fruit juices, sodas, foo-foo drinks, or savor straight over ice. OPEN BEFORE DRINKING!". Classic!!!

A couple of recipe suggestions, courtesy of the little tag attached to the neck of the bottle.

RedRum Punch

1 1/2 oz RedRum
2 oz pineapple juice
2 oz cranberry juice

Shake with ice and pour into your favorite glass.

Red Rocker

1 1/2 oz RedRum
5 oz of your favorite energy drink
Splash of cranberry

Build in a tall glass filled with ice.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tiki!
First of all...one of my favorite movies, The Shining...LOL

Second: I HAVE heard of this stuff before, but being stuck in the midwest for the time being it is impossible for me to get a hold of due to state liquor laws and lack of distributors for it here. I have been wondering what anyone thought of it though.

I like to drink rum neat or on the rocks 99% of the time. I hate Malibu and all those weak rums...I don't even like the fruit flavors, I also hate Bacardi...might as well drink mouthwash!

Is this rum available in Florida? I do know they have some there that we can't get here, it was how I had got my hands on Barbancourt 5 star, while I was on a trip down there last year.

Also do you think the fruit in this rum would be too overpowering for someone like me? I can stand a hint of a fruit flavor in rum, just not much. I love Pyrat rum which has a hint of orange flavor and spices.

Like you, I like to buy and try different and new liquors...well, rums only in my case...when I go to the store. I'm just wondering if this one is worth the try for me, should I run across it.

tikitender said...

hey heather! thanks for the comment. This rum is probably best for mixing versus drinking by itself, because it is a little on the sweet side.

I have been enjoying some Ron Barcelo from the Dominican Republic lately. Delicious as a sipping rum!!!!

In answer to your questions, yes RedRum is available in my area. For your liquor cabinet? Well, for $17 you aren't risking much. It is an attractive bottle and would make a great rum punch for those less hearty rum drinkers that might happen to be in your presence.