Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vacation Update

On our way back to the house from Roanoke Island. We watched a performance of "The Lost Village", about an English settlement put forth by Sir Walter Raleigh. The symphonic play was first performed in 1937, naking it the oldest and longest performed in the US.

It was a good day, despite a slight hangover this morning. I had breakfast and, in the style of Peregrin Took, second breakfast. After waking Mrs. Tiki we headed over to the beach for a while. I stayed about 90 minutes before returning to the house. I set about to straighten our part of the house and clean up last nights poolside poker tournament. I then settled down to watch Star Wars Episode 4, a rare treat for me. After a liesurely afternoon, we made a dinner for the rest of the family. I chose at the ballpark as my theme. Hot dogs with chili, cheese, etc., super pretzels with brown mustard, Sara's famous burnt baked beans, and bowls of peanuts in the shell on the table for snacking. It was great fun and well-received by all.

Aloha nui loa!!

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