Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tiki Slogans

As many of you know, I generally use two slogans: "Got Tiki?" and "Have You Had Your Tiki Today?". Here are some fun ones from

Promise her anything, But Give Her Tiki.

What's In Your Tiki?

More Tiki Please.

Nobody Does It Like Tiki.

If You Like A Lot Of Tiki On Your Biscuit, Join Our Club.

Don't You Just Love Being In Tiki?

Have Tiki Your Way.

Tiki Makes Everything Better.

There's Always Room For Tiki

Top Breeders Recommend Tiki

Tiki. Looks Good On You.

Life Should Taste As Good As Tiki.

A Day Without Tiki Is Like A Day Without Sunshine

Did Somebody Say Tiki?

You're In Good Hands With Tiki.

There's No Wrong Way To Eat A Tiki.

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Anonymous said...

Hello YOU! Glad you posted that or I wouldn't have found this post! I might ( big show drama ) leave something for you at the GL Sunday.