Thursday, September 04, 2008

Boss Martians In Jacksonville Sunday-Revised

I had the extreme pleasure last night of hanging out with The Boss Martians last night here in little old Flagler Beach. For a Wednesday night out in Flagler Beach, what else would we do but meet at the Golden Lion for food and beers? Had a great meal with the band, Mrs. Tiki, DJ Vern, Terri, Scott, and Terri's surfing friend Barbara.

After dinner the girls went home and us boys went to Poor Walt's (really the ultimate Flagler Beach experience) and watched everyone play pool.

During the course of the evening, I found out alot about the guys. Now I am even more excited to see them Sunday night in Jacksonville!!!

Martian History Lesson: Evan Foster (guitar, vocals) and NickC (keys) met as teenagers in Tacoma, WA and discovered a mutual obsession with Garage, Punk, Surf, Power Pop, New Wave, old SST Records releases, and CAFFEINE! They both wanted to start a weird rock band -- enter The Boss Martians!! The Martians uniquely combine the primal energy of Punk with the raw, unmistakable sound and swagger of Northwest Garage Rock (think The Sonics!!), English blue-eyed soul (think Small Faces and The Who!!), and the pure pop sensibility of a young, sneering Elvis Costello. Rounding out the band's low end and drum kit destruction plan, respectively, are Scott Myrene on bass guitar and the young, often angry, Spokane-born, "Dirty" Thomas Caviezel on drums.

BIG NEWS right now is that IGGY POP has co-written AND performed on the new Boss Martians album entitled "Pressure in the S.O.D.O.", scheduled for release in Europe in Nov 2007, and on July 8th, 2008 in the U.S.!!

The album, mixed by Rock & Roll genius Jack Endino (Nirvana, Hot Hot Heat, and everyone else that rules), features a song entitled "HEY HEY YEAH YEAH" which is currently featured on six E-Trade TV commercial ads running thru 2009 in the U.S. and Canada , and to top that -- one of these ads was just announced as being one of the MOST POPULAR ADS OF SUPER BOWL XLII!!!
*info from The Boss Martians myspace

For a refresher, here is the original e-trade ad from the Super Bowl. You can hear the Boss Martians at the end of the commercial.

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