Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Was Baker Acted!!

As most of you know, I went up to Fuel in Jacksonville on Sunday night with DJ Vern to see The Boss Martians. We left pretty early and actually beat the band (they were driving up from South Florida) by a long shot. So we found Fuel and struck up a conversation with Jim at the door (I am pretty sure he is the owner of the club, at the least he is the boss), told him we were there to see the Martians, etc. We asked where to grab something to eat and he sent us to Raglands, a couple of doors down. He said to tell them he sent us and we would get a discount.

Before I continue, if you find yourself near the Riverwalk in JAX, take a short drive over the Five Points area and grab a meal at Raglands. You won't be sorry.

Vern was wearing a Boss Martians T-shirt (I in my kilt) when we walked in and sat down at the counter. There was a couple seated at the counter and the guy said "Are you guys with the Boss Martians? I am the guitarist for Baker Act." We exchanged hellos and the next thing you know the rest of the band (sans drummer, who showed up later) walks in and we are all chatting and drinking together. Early in the conversation, the guitarist girlfriend says to me "Your face looks very familiar. Do I know you?" After a short conversation we realize that she is the longtime best friend of Cristal, one of my original Myspace friends! The lead singer, who is a tasty Torrid-clothed blond, invited me out for a smoke. Then it was time for them to unload etc, so they went on their way. What a super groovy collection of people!!!

So on to the music. Alternative punk with an attitude, fronted by Danielle. Start with Ann Wilson (classic Ann Wilson, not the watered down 80's version), roll her around in the dirt a little bit, give her some some torn fishnets and some school girl skirts, and you have Danielle. I am usually a little turned off by female fronted rock but she definitely elicited quite the opposite response from me.

Inked and spiky haired Elizabeth on bass and her brother Rudy on guitar have a terrific banter and energetic stage presence that kept me entertained between songs and while they were playing.

Rounded out by Marz, who beats her drums like an unloved step-child, Baker Act is well worth checking out if you get the chance.

You can check out their music on myspace at

Sadly, my personal favorite song Psycho Chick is not on the myspace page so I have included a video below. Favorite line of the song: "I'll be your stain, so shout me out." LOVE IT!!!

Upcoming Shows (Double Check their myspace for dates)


27th - St. Augustine Pride Festival - St. Augustine Beach Amphitheater - St. Augustine, FL


3rd - Freebird Live w/Less Than Jake - 200 N. 1st Street - Jacksonville Beach, FL

7th - Jack Rabbits (Battle for Planet Fest) - 1528 Hendricks Ave - Jacksonville, FL

16th - Hot Topic in store Live Show - Orange Park Mall - Jacksonville, FL

Thanks again to Baker Act for some terrific music!!!

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