Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Florida Voters: Vote No On Amendment 2

Voting is upon us in Florida. Between now and November 4, please vote no on amendment 2.

1. Vote No On 2 because it Takes Away Benefits
Amendment 2 would take away important family protections, including health care insurance and hospital visitation from all unmarried Floridians. The Florida Legislature's own analysis warns that this amendment: "... could place (domestic partnerships) at risk of losing specified rights and benefits, such as those related to health insurance."

2. Vote No On 2 because it Hurts Seniors
Amendment 2 would hurt Florida's large senior population by taking away partnership rights of widowed seniors, like health care and end-of-life decision making. The AARP and Florida Alliance for Retired Americans have spoken out against these kinds of dangerous amendments.

3. Vote No On 2 because EVERY Major Florida Daily Newspaper is Opposed to Amendment 2 - Newspapers across the political spectrum whose editorial boards rarely agree on politics have come out strongly opposed to Amendment 2. (read them)

4. Vote No On 2 because Discrimination Doesn't Belong in the Florida Constitution
The constitution should protect all of us from government intrusion and discrimination. This amendment would embed discrimination against unmarried people into our state constitution for generations to come.

5. Vote No On 2 because Hurting Families Doesn't "Protect" Anyone's Marriage
Despite the name "Marriage Protection Amendment" this measure does NOTHING to help curb the divorce rate or strengthen marriage. It only scapegoats unmarried partners and strips them of vital health benefits.

6. Vote No On 2 because it Permits Massive Government Intrusion
Amendment 2 puts the government where it doesn't belong - regulating the personal relationships of Floridians. Government should not make it harder for people to take care of their loved ones.

7. Vote No On 2 and Avoid Hiring Expensive Lawyers
Amendment 2 could force unmarried Floridians to hire expensive private lawyers just to be able to see each other in the hospital.

8. Vote No On 2 because It's Already Hard Enough for Families
At a time of economic crisis the last thing we should do is put government-enforced obstacles, big legal fees and more red tape in the way of people getting access to vital health care and family protections.

9. Vote No On 2 because Florida is Better Than This
When Florida voters understand the real harm to real people the Amendment will cause, they will vote no. Everyday more and more Floridians are standing up to this divisive, harmful amendment. The Fairness for All Families' Vote No On 2 campaign consists of over 260 civic, faith, and social justice groups working together to protect Florida's families. Help spread the word. Volunteer and donate today.

10. Vote No On 2 because of It Harms All of Us
People have already lost benefits in states that have passed similar measures. In Michigan, health insurance for domestic partners were repealed at every state university that offered them. In Kentucky, amendment backers had promised they were only "banning gay marriage". Now they are working to eliminate domestic partner benefits for state and university employees. In Ohio, justice for domestic violence victims was impeded because lower courts ruled that their "marriage" amendment" prohibited applying domestic violence laws to unmarried couples.

For more info visit: http://www.votenoflorida.org

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