Sunday, October 05, 2008

Death Of A Florida Dive Bar

On Tuesday September 30 Mother's Beachside Bar closed its doors forever. In operation for 12 years, Mother's was the ultimate dive bar. I called it the "anti Cheers", because sometimes you wanna go where no one knows your name. It was rundown, the AC didn't always work, and there was no hot water in the bathrooms. I started making a habit of Mother's on Monday nights to sing karaoke with Harryoke. I spent a few Tuesday afternoons quite drunk there with Jason. Long live the Tuesday Afternoon Social Club!!! Mrs. Tiki's first apartment was just a few steps away. It slowly became a part of my life & habits. I used to always say on Monday nights at my bar "Last Call...see you at Mother's!!", and drank with many a customer there after closing the Lion. Eventually, my "anti-Cheers" became a place where everyone knew my name. Mondo of Mondo & Julie began the tradition of playing "The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room" (from The Enchanted Tiki Room at WDW) when I walked in. When Teresa was working, I only had to indicate short or tall and she always knew I wanted Beam on the rocks or a Bud Light.

If you visit and click the "Featured Singer" box, you will see a video of me singing "The Bird". Not my best performance but still fun!!

For some photos from the last few nights at Mother's visit my myspace page
or my flickr photostream. I am working on a compilation of photos from the past few years to post later.

Farewell Mother's...i will miss you.

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