Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Do you shop online?

Those that know me well know that I LOVE to shop. I have been known to wear out the best of power shoppers, including my mother-in law. I have been told that is the shopping equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest!

It's true, I learned from my Grandma Nation how to shop and how to shop well. To stay low, move fast, and find bargains. The first time I ever shopped on "black friday" was with my Grandma Nation. My best good friend, Steve, and I used to marvel at how fast she could move through the store, and sometimes had to track her only by the site of her beehive hair-do peeking over the tops of aisles.

I do get a little rush when I go shopping. I love trying on clothes, especially shoes. Mrs. Tiki cracks up every time I do my little shoe rituals. First I put on the little hose they put around for people that aren't wearing socks (an aside: with the exception of work, you will usually only find me wearing socks for a wedding or a funeral. It's a Floridian trait I have happily embraced.). Then I always joke that it looks like my foot is going to rob a bank. :-D Next I get up and make a lap or two around the storeto see how they feel. If I am trying on any kind of athletic shoes, I usually do a football spin and maybe strike the Heisman pose. All the while I am checking out the store for more bargains.

So the point of the blog is ways for YOU to save money shopping online. I love shopping online, but shipping costs can be a bitch. I have discovered a couple of sites that you might not know about that have saved me money and might help you with the silly season coming up.

  • is a site boasting "coupon codes" for over 20,000 online stores. I just used to to get a 10% off code for my order from Not a huge savings, but every bit counts right? They even have a little "success rate" for each code.
  • is a great little search site that finds you the best bargains. since the site gets paid to refer you to online stores, they pass back a little piece of the commission to you. Pretty sweet plus good bargains.

Thanks for reading and I hope you get some use out of the codes!

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Kells said...

i LOVE shoe shopping. it's the only kind of shopping that i truly enjoy. sadly, the type of shoes i love, i can't work in. i have to find really cute comfy professional shoes. (EWW..gimmie hooker platforms...)

if you find stuff like that, let me know!!!