Sunday, October 05, 2008

Transferring my old blogs today...

My original myspace account, created in fall of 2005, is inactive but has hundreds of blog entries sitting in it. I am a little proud of the just over 50,000 blog reads I had on that account in 2.5 years. I created my new account in March of 2008. Anyhow, I am NOT transferring them to myspace..i am moving them to Most of my blogging then was done on myspace. So far I have moved all of 2005. So, for a kick check them out. :-D. Here is the address for the 2006 archive

The results will be in reverse chronological order. Scroll on down to the bottom and check it out. My first blog ever on was abotu starting at the Golden Lion. There are some cool photo blogs. I really should do more of those.

Anywhere in the blog, you can access the archive section in the left sidebar. Enjoy...and leave a comment now and then :-D Heck you might even want to sign up for blog alerts! If you are a myspace reader, I don't always repost everything there...think what you might be missing!

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