Friday, December 12, 2008

Boys & Girls Clubs To Close Doors

Front page news today in Newsweek and it makes me sad. Sad because when government spending gets cut, the first thing that seems to go is children's services, education, then health care assistance. The last thing to go is prisons and defense. Of course this is just as i see it through my eyes. The eyes of someone who spent 3 years working in Juvenile Corrections in the early to mid 90's. Working with kids born in 1980-1984, the beginning of "Greed Is Good" and DINKS. Kids that were born into the heydey of cocaine in the boardroom and crack in the classroom. We used to call the time between 3pm and 6pm the "critical hours" because that was when the kids were getting into trouble. We turned it around a little in the 90's though.

Now our backwards priorities are at it again. Bailouts to wall street, billions on the war in Iraq, yet we can't provide a little funding for Boys & Girls clubs.

Read the Newsweek article here