Saturday, December 13, 2008

a "new" phone

I inherited a MotoSlvr L7 from the lost and found at work last night. Fooling around a little with it. Seems to be geared toward the music player side, but seems pretty good. Plus it has a camera, which I didn't even consider as part of a phone until my short love affair with my blackberry curve. As the name implies it is very thin, which i guess is good LOL. I had the very first Nextel model way back in the day that felt like a brick hanging from my belt so anything is an improvement.

I am realizing that the old samsung "sync" did alot of things really well. I prefer "candy bar style" to flip phones, but other than that I was very satisfied with the phone in general, but the camera stopped working. Of course my uninsured Blackberry Curve was outstanding, with a kick ass flash camera. But my wet fingers shorted the keyboard. I will have another, but until then am playing around with this Slvr.

If anyone has any tips, drop me a line at

Of course there is always a chance that your number was lost in the switch, so update me if you desire.