Thursday, January 22, 2009

ATTN Locals & JAX Peeps! *Birthday "Schedule"*

This is a Public Service Announcement:

Unless you have been living under a rock (you would have to be to have missed all the reminders I have posted), you know my birthday is on Saturday, the 24th. In order to eliminate confusion and disappointment, I am posting a "schedule" of birthday festivities.

First and foremost, I will NOT be working on Saturday. Historically, I have enjoyed working on my birthday because of gifts and extra tips that result (I love my customers!!). This year, Mrs. Tiki asked me to take the night off, so I have. She will be taking be to Dave & Buster's in Jacksonville for some good times! So anyone in the Jax area that wants to come join the fun and maybe meet me for the first time should come over! I am setting a tentative time of 7pm, but will keep you updated.

For my local peeps & customers, I will be working tonight (Thursday) & Friday night. So if you should feel the desire to come by for well wishes or to observe the "Kiss Me It's My Birthday" button, I will be at the Golden Lion from 4-close on both nights. I will be wearing the button the next three nights because I don't want anyone to miss the opportunity to give me birthday love!!! Between my blackberry and my digi, I hope to create a whole album of birthday smooches!!!

I will no doubt breeze through Finn's Beachside Pub in Flagler Beach tonight after my shift. Friday night David Lane and I are going out on the big town of Flagler Beach to see what kind of trouble we can find. Knowing us, we will end up shooting history's longest game of eight-ball at Walt's or sitting at the bar listening to Merle Haggard on the jukebox. That's usually how we roll. We tell ourselves we are going to get wild and crazy, then just get drunk and trade "I love you bro" declarations. If the stars are aligned just right, Jason might join in and the Three Amigos will ride!

I try to have a good celebration on or around my birthday. so come on out and join the fun!!