Saturday, January 31, 2009

Barflies Lament; From The Art Of Drink

Check out this find by Darcy O'Neil over at the

I's actually a reprint of a Boston Globe article from 1885, lamenting the loss of superior quality bartenders. It reminds me of another article I wrote which described a great bartender as possessing the last of old-fashioned.

I hope that my customers rank me towards the superior side. I try to be very conscientious without taking any guff from my customers. In other words, I smile pretty when I tell them they are cut-off. I go out of my way to respectful of their conversations. Of course that works both ways, because I never hesitate to politely ignore customers who walk in with a phone in their ear until they finish their conversation.

What I try to do is be polite & professional, but also fun and crazy. At the same time, I try to expose my customers to a new experience when they are at my bar. I am always happy to make suggestions based on what they usually drink. It usually works out, which they love.

Anyhow, just a little morning commentary.