Friday, January 09, 2009

Curvy Girls by The Jolly Rogers

Curvy Girls
Words by CLiff Lawson, music by Mark Stahl
© The Jolly Rogers, 2005

I‘ve traveled all over and one thing I have found
Skinny girls have nothing to wrap your arms around
I‘ve been to every corner of this great big world
And found there’s nothing better than a curvy, curvy girl

Nothing can compare with the natural curves I love.
Even when I’m sleeping it’s curvy girls I dream of
Curvy girls are lovely curvy girls are great
Curvy girls make me want to master…my own fate

So if you are out there looking listen to these tips
Find an ample bosom and some child bearing hips
An hour glass figure with all the curves just right
That’s the best thing in the world to keep you warm at night.


I know those waifish models are what they say are hot
But what I am looking for those girls they just ain’t got
I’ll stick with these curvy girls that give me so much joy
And you can keep the models that look like pre-teen boys.


More than a handful’s wasted well I say that’s just bull
For I have two good hands and they should both be full
If you want my attention well here’s a sure bet
All you need to do is flash me your curvy silhouette

Chorus x2