Friday, January 02, 2009

Psst! Wanna read something sexy?

One of my Christmas gifts was a Target gift card. Last night, I took a drive over to redeem it for something fantastic. I left Mrs. Tiki at home so I could focus full attention on my quest. I looked at the DVDs, considering Mad Men or Psych: Season Two. I poked around the sporting goods section, thinking about that Swiss Gear daypack. Looked at a few Cds. I even considered spending it on cheesy t-shirts. After all, it was mine to spend on whatever I wanted.

"Come on already!!", you are probably saying, "tell us what you bought." I bought a brand new, self cleaning, vertical steaming, teflon-coated, IRON. I freaking love ironing. I really do. Those that know me, know this to be true.

So there ya go, I bought myself a new iron. Just now finished ironing a pair of pants, actually. Maybe it's a good time to put them back on.

Aloha nui loa!

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