Monday, February 02, 2009

Are you a Mad Gringo?

In my internet travels this morning, I came across a terrific apparel site called The site is funny, the clothes are tiki-cool, and the prices are reasonable. I have already placed my first order and felt like I should share this with my readers and customers. Any company who has a banner stating "When In Doubt, Take A Nap" is good with me!

The website (and the products) extol the virtues of going slow. The founder is a former corporate stress nut who saw the light on a sunny beach. Sounds like someone you know. The pale 300 pound suit who turned into an award winning, usually tan, (and much trimmer) beachside bartender, maybe? So far my favorite items (and I haven't had a chance to get through everything) are the "Mad Gringo Bar Stool Wax" T-shirt (to keep you from sliding off) and the Smiling Tiki Gods "Go Slow" bar stand-up.

So what is a Mad Gringo? Here is the story of the name, from the site:

"We all have a Mad Gringo deep down inside.

Mine came out in October 2006. I'd been feeling penned in and stressed out for months - maybe years. So I hopped a plane to Mexico, hoping to find myself- literally and figuratively - on a warm, sandy beach.

Instead, I found someone else.

Here was the man I was not. Deeply tanned. Carefree. Going slow.

I had to know his secret.

We talked over a bottle of tequila. I unloaded my frustration with corporate life. The shallowness. The push for more and more. The feeling of less and less. I got angry explaining my job and life. The traffic. The ties. The stress.

He just smiled and shucked more oysters. He had no secret, he assured me.

So over a second bottle, we just talked. With a warm breeze in our faces, and the sound of crashing waves in the air, talk drifted here and there. People. Places. Love. Loves lost. From the same spot on the beach where we saw the sun drop, we watched it rise again.

That morning, I knew I would return home a changed man. "I'm quitting my job, amigo'" I said. "I'm going to really live. I'm going to go slow. Maybe I'll sell tropical shirts like yours."

"You're mad, gringo," he said, smiling, as he wadded his shirt up for a makeshift pillow.

And right then and there, I named my new company."

So stop by and check them out. Tell them Tiki sent ya!