Friday, February 13, 2009

Got Twitter? (Some Of My Favorite Twitter Feeds)

As you all know, I LOVE twitter like a chubby chaser loves Finn's Beachside on Thursday night! I just wanted to share a few of my favorite feeds. They are either informative, funny, or both! Some are just good friends. Randomly generated order, and I am sure I have left out some good ones! And don't forget to follow me!
My favorite Minnesota girl, Jodi is the owner of She had great tweets about life & pop culture, especially music. One of my only "non-local" feeds that are on device update. Trixie Fontaine, a self-proclaimed "web whore", never fails to amuse and intrigue me with her posts.
CNN Breaking News, enough said. I admit though, the frequency of posts is not as good as it once was. Jeff's Link Blog. Links and nothing but links. For those that think I am terminally connected, I am practically AMISH compared to my Cousin Jeff.
Daphne from Heroes is worth a follow if only to be reminded of her excessive cuteness every time she tweets. All quotes, all the time. Funny & frequent updates from a personal friend. Mandy Blake is a sweet FAT redhead. That's reason enough, but she is also a model and webmistress. Her tweets alternate from personal to porno, and are always fun. Definitely a favorite that I will never meet. The official feed for the Daytona Beach News Journal.
Great tweets from a local journalist Fucking hilarious updates from the Dark Lord. I don't know who posts these, but he or she should be commended. All self respecting geeks should know about LifeHacker and Purveyors of fine tropical shirts and gear. Plus they are wicked cool. is an addiction I freaking love my Australian friend! Plus her tweets go counter-clockwise.
Great loval and national news tweets! The local happenings Twitter Updates
Because it's just fun!!! Great info about all facets of social networking We all know I LOVE trivia!!! Living life in a tropical state of mind.