Monday, March 02, 2009

Bartending 101: Making change

I have decided to post this as a service to those thinking about becoming bartenders or those that would just like to make more money. This post is the result of an experience I had today with a SERVER at Uno Chicago Grill in Daytona Beach. Mrs. Tiki & I went there for lunch while on a shopping day. Our bill game to $42. Now being "in the business", I tip 20% minimum unless the service is just horrendous. I usually top 25%-30%. In this case I was planning on leaving a $10 tip (24%). In my wallet I had nothing smaller than a $20, so I gave the server a $70 and asked for change. Obviously not a seasoned food & beverage person, she brought me back my original $20, a $5, and 3 singles. So she got an $8 tip.

19% is not a bad tip, but she cost herself $3 on my table. If she does that 15 times in a shift she is costing herself about $180 per week assuming a 4 shift per week schedule. That extrapolates out to $780 per month or almost $10,000 per year.

So if you are a server or a bartender, think about that the next time you make change.