Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finally! My Baseball Post!!! aka Why I Love Baseball

Spring Training. My favorite time of year. March is a great month in the Tiki sports world. I love the build-up to Opening Day. I am also fortunate enough to live in the land of the Grapefruit League. Even though the Cubs & Royals play way out in the Arizona-based Cactus League, I am still within 90 minutes of three spring training teams: the Nationals, Astros, & Braves.

The Nationals play in Space Coast Stadium, near Titusville. I have been there on several occasions in the past when it was the Spring Training home of the Marlins. The area has developed around it, but it is still easy access and a terrific spot to enjoy a game.

A few weeks ago, Sara (Mrs. Tiki) suggested a spring training game, so I jumped online to by tickets. Lucky for us, there was an evening game on a Wednesday no less. Great for me because that is my night off! I selected my seats based on not wanting to look into the sun, but there was an added bonus as described below.

Wednesday March 27. Game day!!!! Sara and I made the drive down south and arrived about an hour before game time.
Here are the highlights of the night!
  • Not only did our seats offer a great vantage point for the game, they were directly in front of and under the broadcast booth. So, I was able to listen to the radio announcers while watching the game. Great color & play by play that only added to the experience.
  • A "free" Nationals cap.
  • Future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones hitting a 2 run dinger and a double in 3 at bats.
  • Screaming out "Cubbies" during Take Me Out To The Ballgame, right in the middle of a sea of Braves fans.
  • Trading Chuck Norris jokes with the guy next to me, much to the agony of Mrs. Tiki.
  • Watching Sara's eyes roll when the girl keeping score in front of me turned to me and asked if I "scored that a Wild Pitch or a Passed Ball"?
  • Enjoying the hell out of some $6 beers.
  • Watching a teenaged kid casually snag a foul ball as he walked along the mezzanine.
  • Bonus!!!! It was fireworks night!!!! I took a really amateurish video with my blackberry (below).
  • Enjoying the time machine effect that baseball has on me. I view every game like a little kid.
PS Nationals won.