Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Customer Might Always Be Right, But She Might Also Be A Douchebag

Saturday night in Flagler Beach. Woohoo! I had an odd experience last night, wanna hear about it?

A grim looking middle aged lady came stomping up to the bar carrying a bucket of beer and slammed it down in front of me. "Why would you open all the beers in a bucket going out to a table of two?" I wasn't on service bar, but I would have opened them too. I cheerfully replied "Well, we open the beers so you don't have to. We don't really know from here how many people are drinking from the bucket." I really didn't know what to say other than "Would you like a fresh bucket?". She did and I proceeded to grab 4 more beers and began scooping in the ice. As I was doing this, the GM came up to the bar (probably because the server told him there was an issue). I heard her saying something about "I thought it was a health code violation to serve open beers to a table, at least it was when I was working." I handed her a fresh bucket of UNOPENED beers and bid her farewell with a smile. I then said under my breath "I hope you cut your fucking hand opening them, you old hag". I then looked at my boss and said "What the hell?". I learned later that he wasn't finished hearing from her, she was complaining about the bucket sweating all over her table, etc. I pride myself on customer service "saves", but some people are just impossible to please. I only wish she had been drinking beer with pry-off lids, so she would have had to come back up and ask me to help her open them.

So we were talking about it later among ourselves and had a few opinions about the whole ordeal. Was she right? Should we serve the beers unopened? One server said she understood it to be against the law to serve them WITHOUT opening them, because then we are acting as a package store. Interesting point. We wouldn't just hand someone a bottle of wine and say "Emjoy!" I guess the lady's point of argument is that the beers weren't opened in front of her. But, had she ordered a gin & tonic, I wouldn't walk out to the table and pour the drink in front of her.

So I chalk it up to douchebaggery.

Opinions? If you order a bucket of beer, would you prefer the beers to be opened or unopened?