Saturday, May 30, 2009

Here Twitter Twitter

As of this morning, I have 698 followers and follow 967 people. I have 6046 updates (and when I click submit on this post it will be 6047, because I have all of my social networking accounts integrated). Suffice to say, I am twitter-licious. Out of nearly 700 followers, how many are "quality" followers. Probably 75%, in my estimate. I'm NOT going to go through them all, at least not for the purposes of this post. I'm sure the Crocs guy that started following me when I was tweeting about being forced to buy Crocs when my shoe blew out in the ariport dropped when he realized I wasn't a fan.

Is twitter worth the effort? Well before I answer that question, I should say it's not really that time consuming. Posting takes only seconds via text message. Reading can be a real time killer, but everyone wastes time in their own little ways. Because of twitter and other social networking, I am building my online presence. I have a clothing sponser, Mad Gringo. I have starting contributing to the Island Time Radio show. I am featured in a forthcoming news story about, you guessed it, Twitter. I am probably going to be co-host of a MUSIC showcase radio show (still conceptual at this time). I am still hoping for another parrothead show.

All good stuff, plus it makes me and my website visible. Does Twitter make me money? My TikiTender persona in general pays dividends, even if indirectly. The most important benefit of being an internet tsunami is that it brings people to me, and they bring people to me, and they all pay me for my services.

Anyhow, just a little ramblings because I am nearing the 700 milestone. Enjoy your saturday!

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