Sunday, May 17, 2009

Looking to save some money on some shoes?

As anyone in my biz (or any other that requires you to be on your feet for your job) knows, shoes are very important. Not only do I need support, I need slip-resistant outsoles. For the longest time I wore a particular style of Skechers work shoes that met both needs, plus didn't look too bad if I was spotted wearing them after work. As an added bonus I could buy them at Beall's, usually at a discount.

Even without a discount, they were worth the full retail price of $60-$70. They were durable and kept me from busting my bum at work.

Suddenly, they disappeared from Beall's. They disappeared from the Skechers store. I couldn't find them anywhere! I started wearing some cheapies that were slip resistant, but usually only lasted about 3 weeks.

Today on a whim I started scrolling through the work shoes at I am happy to announce that I found the style I used to wear!

But, that isn't the reason I am posting. I know everyone likes to save money and many of my readers are parents. At, you get free shipping and tax by joining their email list. Piece of cake. Also, if you visit you can find some coupon codes.

So, instead of paying $60 plus tax and shipping, I paid $50 all inclusive. That is a good deal!!

Can't have your favorite bartender out of commission because of faulty footwear can we?

The links:

Happy shopping!