Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My first "tweetup"!

n. A real world meeting between two or more people who know each other through the online Twitter service.

Most of you are painfully aware that I am a total Twitter Fiend!!! For months I have been jealous of my Cousin Jeff and all his tweetups up in KC. So far I have met a small handful of people that I know from twitter. @mandyblake, @kariwrites, @opie29, @bebelestrange68. I'm pretty sure that is it. There are many others whom I knew already before we were twitter friends.

I am excited to say that Wednesday will be my first TWEETUP!!!! I will be heading down to the Daily Grind in Daytona to meet some twitter friends. I'm excited, my wife rolls her eyes. LOL

Here is the "twitvite" http://twtvite.com/5qcaj1

And my twitter address if you want to add me. @tikitender