Monday, June 01, 2009

Going Barefoot Is Fun, When You Have a Choice.

Of course you know I have been promoting "Go Barefoot Day" for a week or so. I am hoping to put together a photo album of bare feet to post on for more details.

I was just made aware of an opportunity to give back. Soles4Souls is a charity with the goal of putting shoes on those who are barefoot by circumstance, not by choice.

For us, comfort and style are the primary reasons for the footwear we select. For those without shoes the healthcare benefits is the most urgent reason footwear is so desperately needed. A quality pair of shoes protects their foot from scrapes, cuts, and contaminants that lead to potentially serious healthcare issues.

This week (Barefoot Week) is their big fundraising week. he charity will be handing out a total of 50,000 new shoes to homeless youth and families in need in five U.S. cities: Indianapolis (June 1st), Atlanta (June 2nd), Birmingham (June 3rd), Los Angeles (June 4th and 6th) and Portland (June 5th).

If you feel like helping in this cause, which benefits both those around the globe AND those in our own back yard, please click through and donate or at least link people back to this post.

Mahalo nui loa!!!!