Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's All In How You Say It (aka Don't Insult Your Customers)

A couple of Fridays ago , when I was covering day shift, I had the rare opportunity to go out with Mrs. Tiki on a weekend night. We had discussed going down into Daytona for some cinematic goodness and dinner. Alas, we were both feeling a little lazy after work so we just chilled and decided to go to a local restaurant. I'm not going to mention the restaurant by name, but I will say that it is one of my favorites and is very close to the Flagler County regional airport.

It was a pretty thin crowd for a weekend night. We took a table and were greeted by our server, who bore a striking resemblence to Tina Fey. As I have been there many times, it was not the first time she had been my server. We put in a drink order and began looking over the menu. We talked about out day, not really in a hurry to order. The first time "Tina" came back, I hadn't even looked at my menu. We took a little longer and then we were ready to order. I was still indecisive, so Mrs. Tiki ordered first. Under pressure I looked over to the sandwich menu to order a pressed Cuban sammy. The horror! They had replaced my favorite sandwich with a new one! I said to the server "Oh bummer, they got rid of the Pulled Pork Cuban". Instead of saying something like "Yes they change it up sometimes" or "Maybe you would like [insert menu item here]", she said "Yeah, but that Cuban was always dry and nasty. I'm glad it's gone".

I ordered a different sandwich and she left to place our order. As she was walking away I realized that I felt really insulted by what she said. Did she mean that I have bad taste? Hey if I said I really liked the shit sandwich, she should smile and order it for me. Besides making me feel insulted, she pretty much ignored us the rest of the time we were there. Luckily another server that we both know took good care of us. They pool tips on the floor at this restaurant, so I took care to make sure I left one. Had I been tipping just "Tina", it would have been a different story. I'm sure she is a good server, but I did not feel served that night.

Just my opinion, I could be wrong.