Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adventures In Bartending (July 26)

Besides the obvious making of drinks, taking care of guests, etc., here is a sampling of my bartending adventures over the weekend:

  • Helped a co-worker jump start her car.
  • Dropped off a customer's glasses at his house on my way home.
  • Judged a fun limbo contest.
  • Interviewed by Beach 92.7 FM.
  • Interviewed by
  • Survived a wicked thunderstorm by droppign the hurricane shutters and yelling for everyone to "Get inside fools!".
  • Watched with amusement as one diehard customer rode out the storm with a glass of wine in a sheltered spot outside.
  • Searched to no avail for a guests' brand new digital camera.
  • Spotted a wicked double rainbow in front of the Golden Lion.
  • Found out this afternoon that the camera was found in her car. Hooray!
  • Pulled off wearing my Irish National Tartan with a Bob Marley t-shirt for our reggae vibes party. I was telling people it was the "Irie" Tartan.
  • Was able to hang out with lots of friends, old and new, from behind the bar at the party!
Thanks to Martin Mowrey for the Photos!