Monday, July 06, 2009

Beat The Mondays With TikiTender!

It was a fun weekend. BBQ, beach, parades, blowing shit up. Great to be an American, eh? Until this morning, when it all came to a screaming halt. You are back at is 9:43 and you are already dreaming of happy hour.

Let me help you ease into the work week with some magaritas. Every Monday is Margarita Madness at the Golden Lion. You will find me there nearly every Monday. Tikitender + tequila + limes. The only missing ingredient is you. Lemme show you how good a "house rita" can taste!

Golden Lion's Monday Margarita Madness
$3.50 house 'ritas
$2.50 Coronas
$6.50 fish tacos
$6.50 quesadillas
$6.50 Sharon's nachos

In recognition of all the baby lizards I have chased out of the house this weekend, this weeks featured Margarita will be the Green Iguana Margarita, prepared with a little bit of melon liqueur. YUMMY!!!

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