Sunday, October 04, 2009

Jenna Jameson's Top Ten Sexiest Songs

Jenna Jameson knows a little bit about sexy (and alot about sex). I stumbled upon her list of The Top Ten Sexiest songs over at AOL Music. For your listening pleasure:

10. Marvin Gaye, 'Lets Get it On'
9. Buck Cherry, 'Crazy Bitch'
8. Don Henley, 'The Boys of Summer'
7. Joe Cocker, 'You Can Leave Your Hat On'
6. Stevie Nicks, 'Edge of Seventeen'
5. Hall & Oates, 'Sara Smile'
4. Godsmack, 'Moon Baby'
3. Maroon 5, 'This Love'
2. Aerosmith, 'Rag Doll'
1. Pearl Jam, 'Black'

Can't argue with her list, except Sara Smile seems a little out of place. Must have special meaning to her. Of course, I have a special Sara too.

Can't wait to see how much search traffic I get because I have Jenna Jameson in my blog now. LOL