Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanks to everyone for the good vibes!

Wow! I didn't realize the negative feedback an article about a local guy happy in what he does and those he serves would generate. Thank you to everyone who has given me waves, handshakes, congrats, high fives, etc in response to yesterdays Daytona News Journal piece. In addition to face-to-face aloha, customers and friends have given me virtual kudos. Here are some of my favorites, many which I have no idea who posted them.

From Facebook:

"Just got back from the Golden Lion. Gave tikitender a copy of the article. It is so cool to have such a nice guy as a local celeb."

"Ur the best Tiki!!! U were too busy for me to say bye tonight...we will back this week as we ride for biketoberfest!!"

"Hey Mark I just wanted to say congratulations on the News Journal article, very cool! You deserve it!"

Tiki, my friend, I'm so excited for you!!! I think this article is fantastic just like you!"

"Lad I don't know where ya been, but i see ya won first prize!"

"Wow! I know a star! and we've never met"

"Had to go to 3 convenience stores to get a paper. First two were sold out."

"wow, way to go mark!"

"I was so proud of Mark when I read that today.He is really a nice guy.And great bartender.Congrats to Mark.And the Golden Lion"

From Flagler Chat:

"We have known Mark for 13 years, he is one of the good guys."

"what a breath of fresh air to hear and read about !! ...someone who is indeed loving his life and job and appreciates them both...........now there is a Nobel Peace Prize in the making."

"Mark is a great guy! I was happy to see this article about him."

"I saw the headline and knew exactly [who] they were talking about!!! Mark is a fantastic bartender and such an asset to our community. He not only can make a great drink, but he also does quite a bit for the community, working in various charities and I love reading his Facebook when he goes to read the Bingo balls for the seniors. We are lucky to have him in Flagler County."

From MySpace:

"I read about my favorite bartender in today's newspaper. Good for you!!"

via Twitter:
good comments on your Daytona Beach News Journal story on the Palm Coast Facebook page: http://bit.ly/hM7iO ....you're loved!"

LOVE seeing others who LOVE what they do for a living. It's refreshing, ya know?! Keep up the good work."

Awesome article! You rock. . . All that excitement! I need a nap."

I love the article NJ did on you. Put your hater blockers on, man. You make me smile everyday."

what a great story about one of my favorite people. written by another favorite person!!"

When I need a bartender, I know just where to go...the famous @tikitender"

And from the online version of the original article:

Great story! More people should follow their dreams and forget the craziness."

"So nice to see someone who loves their job. As long as you love your job, you will never work a day in your life. I'm jealous! LOL! Thanks for the story NJ, it breaks up the doom and gloom!"

"I love tiki!! I have a drink named after me and he is an amazing guy! Glad I finally got to see an article on him. one of his many!"

"Great article on a great asset to Flagler Beach."

"tiki is the man and his wife is awesome too. once you know mark you know him for life and will never forget your drink. good job mark. keep it up."

"My daughter and her family live there and says you are her favorite bartender, my husband and can hardly wait for our next visit there and hope to meet you." [Round Rock, Texas]

"Mark, i think you are awesome! you work where others come to play, and everytime we come to the Lion, you have a smile on your face!!! "

"Tiki is the "Purveyor of good times" to the Flagler locals and is a great guy! People will always knock the people that are happy when they are are miserable. I'm glad that you have the courage to have a happy life Tikiman! Thanks NJ, I am sick and tired of the misery that is the news! Keep the happy stories coming for us happy people!!"

"When you have a member of the team that loves what he does...you have something. Mark seems to be someone who is pushing the business. Mark's brand of enthusiasm brings a sense of pride to the other members of the team. When you get a few people liking what they do anything is possible."

"Mark is a great baartender and he DOES love his job! Its nice to see someone love their job and also be so good at it! Keep up the good work TIKI.:o)"

"I loved the story! There should be more stories like this! We need more focus on every day people instead of the political men and women who have corrupted our nation! Huge KUDOS to the NJ! Keep up the good work Mark...0-69!!!! BINGO!"

"Woods is a East Coast Flagler Beach A1A Icon and treasure. I'd say his social presence is a tiny economic jumpstarter for the area. Do you know a lot of hotels that area are running full? It's treasures like these that make a place a great place to visit. Tiki is also a master at concocting what I call vintage drinks. While many items like the Rum Runner and Planter's Punch have been Cruise shipped and Applebee'd into miserable phantoms of their previous selves, bartenders like Tiki not only continue to make them right, know their history...but have the skills to create all new concoctions..often on the fly. Mark is one of the things that makes Flagler BRILLIANT fun and one of a kind. He keeps the heart of real Florida beating"

This one is special to me because I had forgotten all about giving this customer her new puppy care package. It's obvious she didn't!
"I've met Mark a few times. I first ran into him first online, on Meet The Phlockers and now my husband and I will try to stop in and see him everytime we are coming through Flager. When I adopted my dog he made me a large goodie bag for him and some of the toys are still my dog's favorites. He is a good soul and anyone who knows him as a friend or as a bartender is blessed."

All of the comments warmed me up on the inside and made the "not so fun" days, the "sweating all over myself and others" days, the "three deep at the bar and server tickets flowing onto the floor" days, and the "staying late to scrub the bar floor" days worth it. Plus, my friends at the Wickline Center (where I call bingo) couldn't wait to stick their copy on the bulletin board!

I've said it once and I will say it again. Without great customers I would just be a guy pouring drinks and talking to myself.

Aloha nui loa!!!



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