Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hey Antivirus Pro Get Off Of My Cloud (You should read this)

So I have a little malware in my laptop. No biggie, I am going through the removal process right now. It is call Antivirus Pro, and is classified as a "rouge antispyware". I enjoy rougeish behavior as much (probably more) as the next guy, but this little guy is a sly devil. Thought I would

When i opened my laptop this morning I started getting system tray alerts about viruses, spyware, etc. Since it came from the system tray, it looked very legit. Of course, I have been connected for a very long time and have seen all sorts of stuff float around. The irony is I was getting alerts from Antivirus Pro while my actual AV software was performing its morning scan. I have attached an article, so I won't go into details about the behaviors. Let me just say I can see how easily an average user can be duped into buying software to remove an infection that they don't really have. Nefarious, these guys are!

Use protection when you surf. You don't know where some of those sites have been. You know which ones I'm talking about. I recommend AVG Antivirus Software along with Spybot: Search & Destroy (though not as good as it used to be) and Ad-Aware.

Here is a description and removal guide for Antivirus Pro: