Friday, December 04, 2009

How To Spot A "Cocktail Digger"

A funny and informative column from my friend Josie at the Omaha World-Herald. You might recall she asked me for life wisdom for a column in honor of her baby sister's 21st birthday. Aloha nui loa lozafina!

I met up with a few friends for beers last week. To break the ice, I asked: “When a guy buys you a drink, how do you react?”

Apparently, that’s a touchy subject. My guy friends quickly became agitated.

We didn’t discuss the guilt a woman feels for accepting or rejecting drinks. We talked about “cocktail-diggers.”

I’d heard of gold diggers and gravediggers, but never a cocktail-digger. But according to the guys, that’s a woman who glams-up and waits at the bar for a sucker to buy her drinks...

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