Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dropping Out Today

Remember when we were younger (or at least some of us will remember) and the television channels signed off for the night. Midnight? 1:00am? Sometime around there. The last time I can actually remember it happening was the summer before 6th grade. To put it into perspective, that would have been 1983. I guess I can now officially say "Kids, when I was your age..." LOL

I was at my grandma's for a long summer visit and I went to a sleepover down the street. We stayed up "late" watching The Twilight Zone until the TV stopped playing it. At a certain time, the National Anthem played and the TV just went blank. It was sign off time. Then we proceeded to play grabass and roughhouse until the mother came in and threatened to beat every one of our asses if we didn't shut up. Oh the days of political incorrectness.

Today, on the occasion that I am feeling 20 different kinds of crappy and that it is also my day off from work, I am signing off. After this post I will not be on facebook, myspace, twitter, or any of the dozens of sites I frequent. I won't be YAHOOing, BB messaging, emailing, or even texting. EEEK! Basically, I will only use technology today for actual business. I have a couple of responsibilities to fulfill for the Lion and for Relay For Life. I am seriously considering how important either of them are too!

I think I will curl up and watch TV, rest, or even read a book.

Don't despair, I will be back tomorrow.