Friday, February 05, 2010

Locals! Consumer Alert

From the Flagler County Sheriff's Office:

FYI – On a related note, I received a list of known compromised gas stations a few days ago from Prosperity Bank, but have been too busy to send it out to everyone. Here is a list of known compromised stations that had skimmers on the gas pumps, keep in mind there may be others that have not yet been identified…‬
‪Kangaroo Express stores:‬

1)       3 Kingswood Drive, Palm Coast, store # 1267‬

2)       890 palm Coast Parkway, Palm Coast, store # 1290‬

3)       500 E. Moody Blvd, Bunnell, store # 1233‬

4)       6125 E. Hwy. 100 Palm Coast, store # 1229‬

‪Other known stores where credit cards have been compromised:‬

1)       Daily's, Shell Gas, 2 Boulder Rock Drive, Palm Coast‬

2)       Jiffy, Hwy. US1, Bunnell‬





‪Date: February 4, 2010                           Contact: Debra Johnson‬

Public Information Officer‬

                                                         Phone: 386.586.4814                                                                             E-Mail:


‪Flagler County Consumer Fraud Alert‬

‪Flagler County consumers are being cautioned to be alert when they are using debit or credit cards for purchases.‬

‪In the last two weeks, the Flagler County Sheriff's Office has seen an increase in the number of reported fraudulent credit card and debit card uses.‬

‪"Consumers need to be vigilant whenever they use their cards to ensure their personal information is protected," said Sheriff Donald W. Fleming.‬

‪Consumers should consider avoiding swiping their cards at outside gas pumps and ATM machines. Consumers pay inside the stores and go inside their financial institutions rather than using outdoor facilities.‬

‪This type of consumer fraud uses high tech methods to steal needed information to duplicate account information. The method is known as "skimming" where thieves will place a device inside the card slot on gas pumps or ATM. When the consumer swipes their card, all their personal information is captured on the "skimming" device which is later removed by the thieves. The information is then downloaded onto a blank credit card, complete with the PIN number, which may then be used to purchase items or draw out cash from the unsuspecting consumer's account.‬

‪"This type of crime is extremely difficult to track. We suggest consumers keep a close watch over the activity in their accounts and immediately report any suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency," said Major David O'Brien, supervisor of the Sheriff's Criminal Investigation Division.‬

‪On Tuesday, the Sheriff's Office received two reports from local residents of fraudulent card use.‬

‪In one instance, a Palm Coast woman stated that her credit card had been used without permission at least 20 times in the Orlando-Kissimmee area. The victim told deputies that she had used the card on Monday at a local gas station. After that purchase, the unauthorized transactions began appearing.‬

‪In a separate incident, a Palm Coast man reported his debit card had been used in the Tampa area. The victim said his online banking account showed nearly $450 had been taken off the card. ‬

‪To report fraudulent card activity, contact the Sheriff's Office at

(386) 437-4116.‬



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