Friday, November 26, 2010

Random Facts About Me High School Edition

I've been asked to write a bio for a venture I am involved in so I pulled out my senior yearbook to do some fact checking on my self. In the spirit of Facebook's "25 Things About Me", here are 25 Facts about TikiTender when he was in high school.

1. I dated not one, but two redheads in high school. One of them was a cheerleader.

2. I was a jock. 4 year letterman in football, All Conference Defensive Back, 1 year as Captain, 2 years as weightlifting Captain, 3 year letterman in track. 2 year letterman for the weightlifting team. As a running back, I scored 4 touchdowns in the Homecoming game my junior year. At 17, I bench pressed 340 pounds.

3. I was a music geek. 4 year member of choir, 3 year member of chamber choir, 3 year member of band. I played the trombone and sang high tenor. 4 years in All-Conference Choir, 1 year in All-District Choir. 3 years receiving a "1" rating at State Music Contest as a vocal soloist. 2 years in All-Conference Band. I started college on a Vocal Performance scholarship. I was in musicals all four years of high school.

4. I was a nerd. Student Council president for my junior and senior years. National Leadership Award my junior year. Class treasurer my junior year. Quiz Bowl team as a senior. State Accounting contest my senior year. I won awards in History and Geology and was a four year Honor Roll student.

5. I was a drama queen. I acted in plays outside of school and won awards for poetry reading and comedic interpretation.

6. I was a cheerleader. Sort of. Since I didn't play basketball, I was the Tiger mascot during the winter of my senior year. I know it's hard to imagine me dressed in a big tiger head and costume clowning around on the sidelines. :-) *added bonus, I had to hang out with the cheerleaders to learn the routines*

7. I was a king. Homecoming King my sophomore year and Sweetheart's King my junior year.

8. I was known for my thick curly hair. I was voted "Prettiest Hair" two years. I was also known for doing crazy things with it, especially during football season. I had a Boz, a mohawk, and a weird clipper designed stripe stretching from one temple down to the nape of my neck and back up to the other temple. I used to paint the opposing teams colors into the stripe to antagonize them. In the spring of my senior year I grew my hair out into a curly mullet and grew a guido stash. That is a fashion decision I regret to this day!

9. I was voted Best Dancer a couple times. I think it was because I was actually willing to dance.

10. I was voted Best Physique and actually sat as a model for art students. I was never a ripped kinda guy, but by the time I was 17 I had a 20 inch neck, 48 inch chest, 32 inch thighs, broader shoulders than most grown men, and a 31 inch waist. Did I mention I squatted nearly 700 pounds? I was a baby-faced brute.

11. I was voted most popular. I never really tried to be popular, I just talked to everyone and had a good time whatever I was doing. Kinda like now. :-)

12. Along with my best friend Steve, I threw the best party of the year for 4 years "Mark & Steve's B-Day Bash". We even renewed it for mt 21st birthday in college. Nearly 300 people attended.

13. My junior year, I was accused of being on an unofficial mission to make out with every member of the girls' track team. I came pretty close.

14. I was voted Most School Spirit my junior and senior years. See #13.

15. I have yet to attend a class reunion.

16. Oddest casting: Me as Rolf the German telegraph boy in Sound of Music. Even though I looked neither German or boyish, I sang the best "Sixteen Going On Seventeen" and wasn't shy about dancing and sucking face with Liesl (played by the girl voted Best Looking in school).

17. I was a "Student Secretary", which basically gave me a free period to wander the halls and hang out in the weight room.
Occasionally, I would use the "ditto" machine. If you don't know what that is, ask your parents.

18. I am mostly responsible for changing the way students were transported to off campus events due to some back of the bus shenanigans. I will spare you the details.

19. I had a temper on the football field. I once threw the ball at an official, knocking his cap off. In my junior and senior years I received unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for kicking the same opposing defender in the head in a dogpile. In my defense, he was biting my leg both times.

21. I dislocated my ankle in the 6th game of my senior year, ending my football days. It happened in the 2nd quarter after I had already scored 3 touchdowns on the ground. I came back for the last game of me senior year wearing a huge ankle brace. I didn't do well but I wasn't about to miss my last game. I was burned deep for a touchdown pass. On the offensive side I carried the ball 6 times for 13 yards. At least one of the carries was for a score.

22. As football captain, student council president, summertime school district employee (I got paid to mow the athletic fields), I had keys to the high school. If you ask me I will say I never used them for nefarious purposes, but you would see in my face I was lying.

23. I drove a junky pickup truck, yet was still popular and cool. Guess I've never been a car as status symbol guy. Good thing for that!

24. In track, I was a pretty decent sprinter, long jumper, and shot putter.

25. I never took academics too seriously. I was too busy with extracurriculars. But I was a sharp cookie. I was an accounting ace and could write circles around my classmates. To my knowledge, only our valedictorian scored higher on college entrance exams. I could be wrong, though.