Friday, November 19, 2010

Sail On Bill Foye

Yesterday at about twenty past two, William Foye passed into his next life. He was 96 years old.

I first met Sara's grandfather in the fall of 1998, shortly after we started dating. Bill & Winnie moved to Palm Coast FL from Reading, MA about 30 years ago (before Palm Coast was really Palm Coast) and lived there until about 4 years ago when they moved to Indiana to be closer to Sara's parents. They were charter members of Palm Coast First Baptist Church. Without them, I would never have met TikiWife. She would never have known about Flagler County and would never have come here to take a teaching job. Funny sometimes, how the cosmos line up. Bill was a good man, even when he was cranky. He welcomed me into his home and, along with Winnie, gave me a thumbs up to Sara's parents. I will always remember camping out at their home in Palm Coast during Hurricane Floyd and sitting next to them at Jackie Robinson Ballpark when I caught my first ever professional foul ball. He got a great laugh out of me sitting in peanut shells holding up my ball like a triumphant 33 year old kid!

Bill was born in 1914. It is mind-boggling for me to think about the things that passed before his eyes. When a person lives to 96, most friends have already passed. Bill will be dearly missed by his loving wife, family, and me.

With Bill & Winnie; Christmas 2008